BiPM Consulting, Inc.


Transfer Data to Knowledge


BiPM Consulting, helps organizations gain true business intelligence from their data, to enable better business decision-making and improvements in business performance.

Our solutions make data consistent and accessible, enabling advanced analysis and reporting for the discovery of new opportunities, trends or anomalies and to improve business performance.


All BI solutions require data from multiple sources and systems. Our expertise in data mapping and code integration ensure that the data flow process is seamless for our clients.

BiPM experts leverage industry standard ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) and ELT (Extract, Load, Transform) tools to develop fast and timely data loads that require minimal maintenance and are completely turn-key and adaptable to future enhancements and changes.

 Data profiling, cleansing, validating, maintaining and integrating are part of steps taken to ensure delivery of meaningful and error free data to users to extract real business value from it.

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